The series Nona evolves around my grandmother and the situation occurring after she suffered a stroke. The collages explore the communication inside my family, changed by the influence of her illness. I observe different bonds emerging in the new circumstances and I compare them to the relationship I used to have with my grandmother in my childhood. I evoke the objects she would create for me that used to connect us. Now I create similar objects for her to encourage the preservation of her perception in a visual and tactile way. Each collage invokes a song that marked my childhood and also my current visits to my grandmother.

Hands are now an important part of our communication since the conversations are limited but they are also a part of my grandmother’s identity.

The third part of the project are my visual diaries that are created in my new life that is separated from my family due to my emigration to another country. My grandmother receives the photographs through my motherand answers back by drawing on the screen of the mobile phone. This is the way that we are connected after our separation. Those images overcome the constraints of illness, physical separation, they unite us in the virtual space.

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